Case Study

A Secure Retirement

Bob & Betty

Bob and Betty have been retired for 10 years. They are enjoying their retirement and are both healthy and active, but need to make sure they have enough budget for emergencies. When their financial planner retired, they worried that they’d be left high and dry, without a reliable source of financial advice and support.


Bob and Betty were satisfied with their financial advisor. They were set to live out their retirement years in comfort.

But when their advisor told them that he himself was retiring, they were jolted from their sense of security.

Their advisor gave them one last word of advice before he left though…

“Give Ryan Smith a try.”

They saw several other new professionals, but in the end, they chose me.


When we first met, I listened to their concerns with focus and intent. I wanted to give them confidence in their near future and their retirement plans.

Good thing was that I was younger than them, soI’d be around a while. I listened to their plans, saw that we were conservative investors, and didn’t push any big investments or changes on them.

Instead, I built a custom-tailored financial plan based on Bob and Betty’s reality, needs, goals, and desired lifestyle.

They finally trusted me with their retirement finances.


Fast forward a few years. Bob and Betty were able to build up resources for retirement without the need of making extreme saving efforts.

Instead, I helped the couple to look at other, more effective, ways of managing their money according to their retirement goals and plans.

Things change every year, so I make sure everything’s taken care of, saving the couple time and energy to do the things they enjoy the most.

Whenever Bob and Betty have any concerns, I provide them with proper information and direct answers to their questions.

I want them to make their own decisions, so I give them space to come to their own conclusions. But I also make sure they have all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Now they’re not only enjoying a good retirement but also building a good path for their children to be able to manage their wealth, too.

Note: The Above Case Study Is Hypothetical And Does Not Involve An Actual Snowpine Wealth Client. No Portion Of The Content Should Be Construed By A Client Or Prospective Client As A Guarantee That He/She Will Experience The Same Or Certain Level Of Results Or Satisfaction If Snowpine Wealth Is Engaged To Provide Wealth Management Or Investment Advisory Services.

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