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Facing financial disaster… is like trying to comprehend what is beyond comprehension.

Whether You’re Navigating Through a Divorce, Coping With The Recent Loss Of A Loved One, Or Planning for Retirement…


The Snowpine Wealth Story

Ryan Smith graduated with a masters degree in civil engineering. He joined a regional engineering/construction firm and excelled.

Ryan was successful, but he was not happy.

“I Was Sitting In My Office And Realized That I Loved Working With People. I Did Not Want To Be In Front Of A Screen Designing Bridges All Day.”

Ryan knew that if he wanted to have the highest impact on individuals as possible, the best place to do that was their finances.

With the heart of a servant, the empathy of a close friend, and the problem solving skills of an engineer, Ryan founded Snowpine Wealth Strategies in 2015.

Personal And Attentive, Never Pushy, Always Listening.

“I was a homemaker going through a divorce after 30 years of marriage. I wanted to be on my own, and Ryan helped me know exactly what that looked like. He stood in the gap, showing me the numbers and what was going on with the accounts. Going through a divorce like that, you just lay it all out. It’s all uncomfortable, but at the same time, Ryan got me really comfortable talking about the numbers.”


The statement was provided on 11/7/22 by Rebecca Lewin, who is a client. This statement may not be representative of the experience of others and is not a guarantee of future performance or success. For additional reviews, search us wherever local businesses are reviewed.

Your Finances Are Personal, Your Financial Planner Should Make You Feel Comfortable

The First Step Is Something We Call Your Financial Transition Strategy™. It’s How We Create A Custom Financial Plan. A Simple Next Step Can Make It Feel Like You Have Direction Again.

Ryan Smith


Often described as a solid rock through the storm by Snowpine clients.

Ryan makes hard financial choices easier to understand. Ryan wants his clients to feel comfortable. Instead of
, he’ll ask questions. Bringing resources and ideas together in new and creative ways.

With two children, Hudson and Quinney, he’s an avid downhill skier, a passionate golfer, hiker, and mountain biker who loves to hang on the patio with friends and family, and occasionally try new restaurants with his wife Beth.

Sherry Arthur


Ryan might be the rock for our clients, but Sherry is the rock for Ryan.

An efficient detailed note taker, Sherry has a kind heart and caring disposition.

She enjoys the outdoors, reading good books, spending time with her family, and dining (occasionally) on anything made with chocolate.

With a Bachelor’s in Business from Brigham Young University and a background in financial services, Sherry keeps us organized, effective, and focused. We couldn’t do it without her.

Behind every great plan, there’s a great team

While we craft your strategy with you one-on-one, our full-service group of professionals backs it up.

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