Your Financial Transition Strategy™

A 3-step process to get clarity on your finances and test drive our services.

We Do Our Best Work With…


People in a life-changing financial event (retirement, divorce, loss of spouse).


Retirement investors that have accumulated assets of $750k or more.


Investors who want the help of a financial professional instead of facing it alone.

How We Create Your

Financial Transition Strategy™

“First Things First” Call

A 20-min call to learn about your situation and for you to get some background on us and how we can help.

If there’s a lot on your mind, let us help quiet the noise. We want to make sure we are the right financial partner for you. If we aren’t, we will happily point you to the right professional.

1-Hour Strategy Session

The next step is a one-hour meeting (in office or via Zoom). We will get crystal clear on your financial aspirations, needs, and concerns.

Next Steps Meeting

With your strategy session complete, we will have another 1-hour meeting to deliver and review our findings, recommendations and priorities of your next steps.

We will answer questions and suggest simple steps to help you regain your sense of direction.

First Things First: Schedule A 20-Minute Call

Take A Breath And Think About It!

At the end of this process, we will simply ask you to think about it.

Your finances are personal, and your financial advisor should make you feel comfortable. This process is designed to help you do just that.

Even if you decide that we aren’t a good fit. We will wish you well and part ways as friends.

Regardless of your decision, the transition strategy we create is yours to keep. Use it well!

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