I’ve been a Certified Financial Planner™ in the Beehive state for over 12 years now, and have zero regrets. Helping others retire successfully in a state as gorgeous, adventurous, and diverse as Utah is truly fulfilling. The unique blend of natural beauty, friendly communities, and varied lifestyles makes Utah an exceptional choice for retirement.

That said, a difficult question to answer can be exactly where to settle down. Utah offers a rich tapestry of options, each with its own charm and advantages. In the following article, I will cover 12 great places to retire in Utah, highlighting what makes each location special. I’ll also dive into some other important retirement planning considerations, and explain how you can get the help you need to retire in Utah (or somewhere else) with total financial confidence.

Establish Criteria For The Best Places To Retire In Utah

In my time working with retirees, I’ve found that the key criteria for choosing where to settle down can vary significantly from one individual/couple to the next. That said, the desires for affordability and safety are pretty much universal. The factors below helped shape this list, as their essential to any retiree looking for peace of mind in their next chapter:

Average Cost of Living: This is a value that indicates how much money is needed to maintain an average quality of life in a designated location. It’s derived from what the average person spends on housing, groceries, health, utilities, transportation, and miscellaneous purchases.  

Physicians Per Capita: This measures the number of doctors for every 100,000 people in a particular place. 

Health Cost Index: This accounts for the burden of health costs residents can expect in a given location. 

Violent Crime Rate: This indicates the rate of violent crimes including robbery and assault that occur in a specified area. 

Property Crime Rate:  This shows the rate of non-violent crimes, such as burglary, larceny, and auto theft that happen in a certain region. 

Please Note: Data for these cities was collected from BestPlaces.net, which references governmental census data. The numbers on the right side represent the national average, while the numbers on the left side represent the location’s average. So, for example, if a location has a 98/100 rating for the health cost index, that would mean the given location’s health costs are only slightly below the nation’s average. 

A Quick Point About Utah’s Income Tax Rate

Presently in Utah, there’s a set 4.85% income tax rate across all income levels. This is what you’ll be paying in each location on this list.

While this rate is below the national average of 8.9%, there are several states that have no income tax at all. These include Florida, Wyoming, Washington, Texas, South Dakota, Tennessee, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Alaska. If curious to explore what advantages and disadvantages Utah offers as a whole, check out our article on the topic using the button below.

1) Nephi

Average Cost of Living: 99.2/100 (Slightly Below Average)

Doctors Per Capita: 94/ 210 (Well Below Average)

Health Cost Index: 118/100 (Higher than average)

Violent Crime Rate: 9.7/22.7 (Well below average)

Property Crime Rate: 40.8/35.4 (Slightly Above Average)

Nephi is like a postcard come to life, nestled amidst beautiful mountain ranges and valleys. It’s not just the natural beauty that captivates, but the abundance of outdoor fun right at your doorstep. Imagine stepping outside to a world of hiking trails, fishing spots, and camping adventures. It’s a paradise for anyone who loves being active and outdoors. 

But there’s more to Nephi than just its scenic charm. It’s a place where everyone may know your name, where neighbors can be like family, and there’s a real sense of community. In Nephi, you’re not merely relocating; you’re joining a warm, close-knit community that eagerly embraces new members.

2) Price

Average Cost of Living: 80.1/100 (Well Below National Average)

Doctors Per Capita: 112/210 (Well Below National Average)

Health Cost Index: 115.2/100 (Above National Average)

Violent Crime Rate: 10.8/22.7 (Well Below National Average)

Property Crime Rate: 66.6/35.4 (Well Above National Average)

Price is a hidden gem for those who love the great outdoors without the hefty price tag. Imagine living in a place where national parks, hiking trails, and fishing spots are just a stone’s throw away. It’s all about affordable adventures in Price.

 Not only does it boast a cost of living that’s easy on the wallet compared to other cities, but it’s also a hub of cultural festivities, local events, and community gatherings. For anyone who cherishes a town with a strong sense of identity and history, Price is the place to be.

3) Sunset

Average Cost of Living: 114.6/100 (Above National Average)

Doctors Per Capita: 124/210 (Well Below National Average)

Health Cost Index: 102.4/100 (Slightly Above National Average)

Violent Crime Rate: 10.6/22.7 (Well Below National Average)

Property Crime Rate: 32.1/35.4 (Below National Average)

If you’re seeking a quiet retirement spot but still want access to the amenities of larger cities, Sunset might be the ideal choice. It’s a residential community with a suburban atmosphere, conveniently situated near bigger cities like Ogden and Salt Lake City.

Living in Sunset means you can take in the peace of a smaller community while having easy access to the diverse conveniences, job opportunities, and cultural activities that larger cities offer. It’s a balanced choice for those who appreciate the peace of a suburban setting but also want to stay connected to the vibrant options of urban life.

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4) Park City

Average Cost of Living: 169/100 (Well Above National Average)

Doctors Per Capita: 366/210 (Well Above National Average)

Health Cost Index: 106.6/100 (Slightly Above National Average)

Violent Crime Rate: 18.1/22.7 (Slightly Below National Average)

Property Crime Rate: 51.4/35.4 (Well Above National Average)

Park City is renowned for its world-class ski resorts, including Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort. The city attracts plenty of outdoor enthusiasts, offering not only exceptional skiing but also hiking, mountain biking, and other recreational activities in the surrounding mountains. 

The city’s vibrant arts scene, music festivals, and cultural affairs contribute to a lively and engaging community for those who settle down here. For fans of film culture, Park City is also host to The Sundance Film Festival. With its picturesque setting, upscale amenities, and a range of dining and shopping options, Park City offers a high quality of life for its residents.

5) Salt Lake City

Average Cost of Living: 121.3/100 (Well Above National Average)

Doctors Per Capita: 233/210 (Above National Average)

Health Cost Index: 103.5/100 (Slightly Above National Average)

Violent Crime Rate: 42.8/22.7 (Well Above National Average)

Property Crime Rate: 95.4/35.4 (Well Above National Average)

Nestled among the breathtaking Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City residents enjoy easy access to world-class outdoor recreation, including skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and water activities. The city is known for its proximity to numerous ski resorts, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts

Furthermore, with a robust and diverse economy, the city’s growing job market and business-friendly environment attract professionals seeking career opportunities and economic stability. Salt Lake City also offers a vibrant cultural scene, including theaters, art galleries, museums, and music venues. The city hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year.

6) Brigham City

Average Cost of Living: 100/100.8 (Slightly Above National Average)

Doctors Per Capita: 69/100.8 (Well Below National Average)

Health Cost Index: 112/100 (Above National Average)

Violent Crime Rate: 16.9/22.7 (Below National Average)

Property Crime Rate: 38.3/35.4 (Slightly Above National Average)

Brigham City, UT, located northeast of Salt Lake City, presents a charming village atmosphere, offering a wealth of natural attractions like the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and Hagoth Ahman Park. The city’s proximity to Willard Bay State Park also makes it a fantastic choice for active adults looking to fill their days with hiking and boating. This thriving community balances serene natural beauty with an active lifestyle, making it a great option for those who want to stay engaged with nature in their retirement years.

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Finding Your Financial Footing

It reveals 5 clear steps to calm the chaos before you retire.

7) Richfield

Average Cost of Living: 85.9/100 (Well Below National Average)

Doctors Per Capita: 72/210 (Well Below National Average)

Health Cost Index: 117.9/100 (Above National Average)

Violent Crime Rate: 9.5/22.7 (Well Below National Average)

Property Crime Rate: 49.5/35.4 (Above National Average)

Richfield, UT, with its population of around 8,000 people, offers a small-town living experience that is both delightful and inviting. The city is characterized by its cozy atmosphere, complemented by the beauty of four distinct seasons, featuring warm summers and mild winters. For those who love the outdoors, Richfield is surrounded by opportunities for fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, and snowmobiling. 

The city also offers a variety of dining and shopping options, with its array of restaurants and unique shops. Notably, Richfield is home to several parks, including the popular Aquatic Center, adding to the community’s charm. This welcoming city creates a strong sense of community and provides a safe, pleasant environment that appeals to both newcomers and longtime residents.

8) St. George

Average Cost of Living: 109.9/100 (Slightly Above National Average)

Doctors Per Capita: 152/210 (Well Below National Average)

Health Cost Index: 111.7/100 (Above National Average)

Violent Crime Rate: 11.2/22.7 (Well Below National Average)

Property Crime Rate: 29.9/35.4 (Below National Average)

St. George is renowned for its warm climate and mild winters, making it a favored destination for those seeking a temperate environment. The city is encircled by stunning red rock landscapes, providing residents with the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities throughout the year. Popular pursuits include hiking, biking, golfing, and visiting nearby national parks such as Zion and Bryce Canyon. 

Recognized as a sought-after retirement location, St. George offers a relaxed and easy-going lifestyle. The abundance of recreational options contributes to a high quality of life for retirees. Furthermore, the city is equipped with a range of amenities and services tailored to meet the needs and interests of older adults, enhancing its attractiveness as a retirement destination.

9) Ogden

Average Cost of Living: 107.2/100 (Above National Average)

Doctors Per Capita: 133/210 (Well Below National Average)

Health Cost Index: 106.2/100 (Slightly Above National Average)

Violent Crime Rate: 27.8/22.7 (Slightly Above National Average)

Property Crime Rate: 62.3/35.4 (Well Above National Average)

Ogden residents have easy access to a variety of activities like hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and water sports. The nearby Ogden River and Pineview Reservoir further enrich the outdoor experience for adventure enthusiasts. In addition to its natural allure, Ogden boasts a vibrant community rich in history. 

Ogden thrives as a center for cultural events, festivals, and community gatherings throughout the year. Its Historic 25th Street stands out for its diverse array of shops, eateries, and entertainment spots. This fusion of communal warmth and cultural richness makes Ogden a compelling choice for anyone seeking a lively and interactive atmosphere.

10) Moab

Average Cost of Living: 108.8/100 (Slightly Above National Average)

Doctors Per Capita: 168/210 (Well Below National Average)

Health Cost Index: 114.9/100 (Above National Average)

Violent Crime Rate: 19.0/22.7 (Slightly Below National Average)

Property Crime Rate: 37.7/35.4 (Slightly Above National Average)

Moab offers an extraordinary lifestyle. This small town, with just under 6,000 residents, is surrounded by captivating rolling hills and red rock canyons. Moab stands out for its world-renowned outdoor recreation opportunities, drawing global tourists interested in mountain biking, hiking, and river sports. 

Despite its modest size, Moab still boasts a vibrant local culture for residents to savor. Additionally, with warm and sunny summers and occasional winter snowfall, Moab caters to diverse weather preferences throughout the year. Whether seeking adventure or a tranquil retreat amidst stunning scenery, Moab promises to cater to every taste.

11) Logan

Average Cost of Living: 102.2/100 (Slightly Above National Average)

Doctors Per Capita: 110.9/100 (Above National Average)

Health Cost Index: 132/210 (Well Below National Average)

Violent Crime Rate: 10.9/22.7 (Well Below National Average)

Property Crime Rate: 26.1/35.4 (Well Below National Average)

Logan is home to Utah State University (USU), a major public research university. The presence of a university adds to a vibrant academic atmosphere, offering educational and cultural opportunities. For students, faculty, and those who value higher education, Logan provides access to a range of programs, events, and resources associated with a university town. 

Situated between the Cache Valley and the Wellsville Mountains, the area also offers a variety of outdoor activities. Logan Canyon, in particular, is known for its stunning scenery. However, Logan overall is a town that features a balance of urban and rural amenities, with cultural events, local markets, and a historic downtown area. The overall quality of life, combined with the natural beauty of its surroundings, makes Logan an attractive place to live for those seeking a well-rounded lifestyle.

12) Cedar City

Average Cost of Living: 91.4/100 (Below National Average)

Doctors Per Capita: 91/210 (Well Below National Average)

Health Cost Index: 108.7/100 (Above National Average)

Violent Crime Rate: 13.0/22.7 (Well Below National Average)

Property Crime Rate: 33.8/35.4 (Slightly Above National Average)

Cedar City is known for its vibrant cultural and arts community. Cedar City is renowned for being home to the Tony Award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival, drawing theater lovers from all over the region. Furthermore, the city bustles with a range of cultural events, art exhibitions, and live performances throughout the year, making it a lively center for the arts and culture.

For those who have a keen interest in the arts and cultural activities, Cedar City might just be the ideal living destination. 

The city is not only rich in cultural offerings but also enjoys a convenient location near several national parks and recreational areas. Notably, it’s close to Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park, providing residents with easy access to some of the country’s most stunning natural landscapes. 

What Else Should You Consider Before Deciding Where To Retire?

Have You Answered Retirement’s Other Big Questions?

In my experience as a financial advisor, I’ve seen how asking the right questions can make all the difference in retirement planning. It’s not just about ‘where’ but ‘how’ you want to live during these years. To help you navigate this journey, I’ve compiled a list of 20 essential questions that go beyond the usual considerations. 

These questions are designed to provoke thought and aid in crafting a retirement plan that aligns with your personal aspirations and financial goals. To discover these insightful questions, simply click the button below.

Are You Retiring Single As A Woman?

Retirement planning is not a one-size-fits-all exercise. It has to be tailored specifically to this individual. Financial planning for women, especially single women, will look a lot different compared to other demographics.

In my tenure as a CFP® Professional, I have been fortunate enough to help many single women navigate their retirement journeys. Whether theyare recently divorced, widowed, or simply never married, it’s been a privilege to serve and empower them to achieve financial independence and security in their retirement years.

If you are a woman preparing to retire single, please review our article on the 5 Key Questions For Single Women Retiring. This guide is designed to provide you with critical insights and personalized strategies to make your retirement planning as effective and fulfilling as possible.

Let Me Help You Retire Successfully In Utah (Or Somewhere Else)

At Snowpine Wealth, my team and I specialize in the art of retirement planning, and I have a particular fondness for the unique opportunities that Utah presents. As someone who not only advises on but also personally relishes the Utah lifestyle, I understand the state’s appeal for a fulfilling retirement. 

Utah is a tapestry of natural wonders, cost-effective living, and inviting communities, each with its distinct flavor of retirement paradise. However, it’s important to recognize that the ideal retirement spot varies from person to person. 

Your retirement should mirror your dreams and lifestyle choices. Whether it’s the serene vistas of St. George, the cultural vibrancy of Salt Lake City, or the peaceful elegance of Park City, Utah offers a diverse range of settings for your golden years. Making the right choice means securing a retirement that is not only comfortable but deeply satisfying. Remember, the true beauty of retirement is in the freedom to select where and how you live it.

Are you contemplating Utah as your retirement haven, or perhaps considering other captivating locations? Allow me to guide you through this journey. At Snowpine Wealth, we are committed to navigating the intricacies of retirement planning, ensuring that your future is not only financially secure but also rich in experiences. 

Your dream retirement is within your grasp. Let’s make it a reality together. Schedule a complimentary call with me using the button below, and let’s start planning for your future today.

– Ryan Smith CFP®, Financial Advisor and Utah Enthusiast

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